We've been creating resources we think will be of great use to you.  From market statistics to Home Maintenance Checklists (and many more to come), click on the following links to access some vital docs!  Check back often, as we'll be adding several over the next few months...


1st Quarter - 2018 - compare quarterly market statistics (2018 to 2017) for 15 Addison County towns, arranged in the three school districts that comprise our region


Spring Maintenance Checklist - We encourage you to put the same diligence into upkeep and maintenance, as you did during due diligence and inspections of your home before purchase! Waiting to investigate trouble spots or repair is rarely a good idea (and there's rarely a good time) - as they say, 'Just do it'!  A just-in-time Spring Maintenance checklist is below for your reference.


In 2012, the Vermont Legislature established the Vermont Wastewater and Potable Water Revolving Loan Fund to provide homeowners a source for low-cost financing.  Find the document on the State of Vermont's site here, or download a PDF version here.