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Grateful for Community Mentors!

The Mini-Metro Team with Coach Altemose


Meet Coach Chris Altemose! Chris has coached most of the young ladies pictured here, since the third grade! Besides the Mini Metro team, he coaches 8th grade girls basketball, and the 3/4 boys. Hats off to this guy - what a time commitment! (In this photo, back left to right: Eleanna Sellers, Makayla Swan, Emma Brown, Madysen Debisschop and Coach Altemose; front left to right: Lydia Dragon, Cady Pitner, and Kelsey Altemose)  

People always tell you when you have kids that “it take a village to raise a child”. It's true. And when you are fortunate enough to live in a community like ours, your kids really reap the benefits of the tribe! The number of people that volunteer their time to mentor our kids is monumental, whether it be play practice on a Saturday afternoon, or a basketball game on Sunday morning. These people serve as mentors to our kids and can provide such a positive influence. I know as parent, it is amazing to watch your kid grow and learn from another adult that shares their interests. I feel that we are so fortunate to live in an area where we have people sacrifice their personal time to support our kids and their passions!

Want to get involved? Here are a few places to start:  

Please consider getting involved! It is so rewarding to be an engaged member of the community, and a positive influence in a child’s life. And many thanks to all those out there who are already contributing - we are grateful!

Grateful for Community,