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Sponsorship Spotlight: Homeward Bound, Addison County's Humane Society

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Sarah Peluso, Beth Stanway and Karen James help to greet the incoming animals needing adoption!Here at IPJ Real Estate our goal is to get our clients and customers ‘homeward bound’ in whatever capacity that means for them. With the Addison County’s Humane Society, Homeward Bound, our mission has expanded to four-legged friends as well!

We take great pride in our communities, believing that by giving back we help to build stronger communities. As any busy person knows, we can’t always make the commitment of time to the organizations and non-profits we feel loyal to, but when Homeward Bound presented us with an opportunity to sponsor its Transport Program, we knew we could make a real difference to both the organization and its beneficiaries – cats, dogs, and pocket pets alike (yes, a pocket pet is a real thing!). Each year Homeward Bound brings several dogs (last year, 44!) to Vermont, through St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center’s “WayStation Program”. The New Jersey based-program collects animals from high-volume shelters across the eastern states to re-distribute to invaluable shelters like Homeward Bound. The incoming animals are provided the best of circumstances while they await loving adoptive families to take them home, in and around Addison County.

On February 7, as corporate sponsors of the Transport Program, we were invited to Homeward Bound to help off-load the first of several transports of 2019 dogs. Beth Stanway, Sarah Peluso and I eagerly awaited the arrival of the transport van. The excitement among the staff was almost palpable; we didn’t know what we were in for! As soon as the van pulled in, the staff was out the door with leashes ready to receive their new charges. 

And who was more excited? The staff to welcome them, or the five dogs and four puppies who were on the van for six hours waiting patiently to pee!  Big dog, tiny dog, yellow dog, skinny dog, and an “all there” guy – emerged in a rush! The poor tiniest guy was too nervous to pee with all the anxious tension surrounding her.  And then – the puppies!!  We were all handed one to carry into the shelter. Boy were they cute and I’m not even a dog person (some of us are cat people, too!).  We watched them romp around in the closed-off play yard set up just for their arrival. All Beagle/Dachshund mixes from the same litter, they were hilarious to watch with their short legs, longer bodies and long floppy ears.

We headed back to the office with happy hearts. Not just because we were given a boat-load of unconditional love by those puppies, but because we knew that IPJ Real Estate was able to make a difference for these animals in pursuit of their forever homes.  We look forward to more van-loads of dogs and puppies in the future - they'll make their way through our hearts and into your homes!

If you’re inclined, check out the Homeward Bound website: There are many opportunities to help out, and not just by adopting. Their Wish List is long, and the animals are always looking for more attention!

Or if animals are not your thing, look for an opportunity that reflects your interest. A good place to start is - see what else is out there!

Signing out, after giving back, for stronger communities, community members, and their pets!



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