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"Keeping Calm" in the Midst of the Spring Selling Season

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Things really heat up in the real estate industry as Spring approaches. When it's a hot market area (like Middlebury, Vermont), the temperature rises at lightening speed, with both sellers and buyers wanting to get into the game early to stay ahead of the pack. As a result, there can be a feverish pitch at our office on some days, and with it, a sense of urgency seeps into our calm-cool-and-collected demeanors.

Every February break my daughter and I head to Vero Beach, Florida to get away from it all.  It's much needed time in the sun!  There are actually quite a few folks from Addison County in Vero Beach.  My friend Kiki calls it "Middlebury-South".  I'm always excited to go down and somewhat disappointed when it's time to come back.  I love the sand in my toes, the time with my daughter, and the distinct lack of urgency.

On our way home this year we took a flight out of Palm Beach airport.  When we were all seated the captain welcomed us on board with a special welcome "to the passenger in seat 21C."  A passenger that had required help boarding.  A veteran of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  The pilot shared that his grandfather was also at Pearl Harbor and then thanked the gentleman for his service.  The passengers all clapped. My daughter turned to see him - he was a small man. His white hair tucked under his baseball cap.  He looked proud.

After we took off and the captain turned off the seat belt sign, I saw the flight attendant helping the man in 21C to the front of the plane.  He was hunched over, shuffling up the aisle, with a jacket matching his hat commemorating his service.  The flight attendant had her hand on his back, steadying him forward. When he got to the front of the plane a man in first class stood up, shook the veteran's hand heartily, and stepped aside to pass along his seat. The man from first class just walked back to 21C, sat down and opened the newspaper that had been tucked under his arm; the passengers around him gave him nods, patted his arm, gestured their approvals.  He just smiled.

There is good in this world - all around us. We get so busy in the spring with new listings, feverish showings, and all things urgent, that when we are reminded to breathe, to appreciate, to spread kindness - from Vero-Beach-aka-Middlebury-South, to the slow thaw of Middlebury North, and on the flights in between - our demeanors around the Spring selling season edge back into cool-calm-and-collected. So bring on the heat, and thank you to both passengers from seat 21C!

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