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Curb Appeal - It Matters!

The perceived value of your home increases (sometimes exponentially) the greater the curb appeal. Buyers first impressions not only affect their level of interest, but will affect the way they process the home upon a walk-through, and the price tag they’re willing to pay for it.

A home with great curb appeal also affects the perceived “value” of the neighborhood. When homeowners show care in their properties, the neighborhood itself becomes more desirable, thus increasing property values.

Of course, curb appeal is important beyond transactional exchanges of real estate. When property owners and their neighbors take pride, the whole neighborhood is elevated. Great curb appeal says not only that you like your home, but you like your neighbors and neighborhood; you contribute to everyone’s sense of place and community.

So whether you’re increasing curb appeal to sell, evaluating curb appeal in your search for a new home, or investing in curb appeal as a property owner – it matters. In the next couple of months as the final heaps of snow melt away you’ll be faced with plenty of clean-up and likely some maintenance, but you’ll also have an opportunity. Spring is here – create a plan of action and let’s spruce things up!

  • Lawn – more than just picking up sticks and debris and pulling out the mower, you’ll want to edge around sidewalks, walkways, and beds
  • Clean everything (it goes beyond windows – power wash that dirt, grime and moss away from gutters, roofs, siding, porches, decks – under eaves - everywhere!)
  • Touch-ups – once your home is clean, you may realize that it’s just a few touch-ups that are needed, not a whole house repaint; the overall appearance should be fresh, clean, and consistent whether a quick fix or a total make-over
  • Mailbox – paint it, polish it, straighten it, replace it, whatever needs to happen to make it look tip top
  • Repair/Clean Roof and Gutters – replace or repair loose or missing shingles and any visible damage; remove pine needles/leaves/detritus; from a maintenance standpoint, these are important bi-annual tasks so make this a habit
  • Foliage/Plantings – remove dead limbs, bushes and plants; trim hedges and trees; and don’t wait too long before you start the weeding; when it comes to what to plant, this is where asking your local expert at the nursery, or enlisting a landscape designer, will do you (and your home) good – learning what to plant, when, how, and all about care and maintenance, with the goal of creating great eye-catching design, is best aided by the experts!
  • Leave front door/front porch lights on at night – they create an inviting warmth not only for buyers who are doing an evening drive by, but for your next door neighbors
  • Garage door – dirty or worn garage doors require maintenance and cleaning – of course, if it’s not operational, you’ll likely be advised to replace it; in any case, keep it closed and clean
  • Entry door – sometimes it needs just some fresh paint, sometimes replaced; the appearance of safety and energy efficiency is just as important as its degree of beauty and style-appropriateness; and don’t forget the hardware, doorbell and light fixtures – think of your front door as the pièce de résistance

Want more on Spring Maintenance? As a homeowner, there's a lot to keep track of, but we've got a handy checklist you might like to download or print. You'll find it HERE!

So as the warmth slowly returns, tap into that renewal buzz and treat your home to a little clean-up and green-up!  And don't forget Sellers, your Realtor is here to advise you. Increasing curb appeal can become a daunting and sometimes costly undertaking, but your Realtor can give you invaluable input as to how, how much, when and for what return you might expect. Let them help you strategize a plan! 

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