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Notes from the IPJRE Team: Buyers & Sellers, We Want to Keep You Informed!

IPJRE Team, Middlebury


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Amey says: "Shop Local" applies to your choice of Real Estate agents, too!

We are both habitual and instinctual as consumers. When it comes to selling or purchasing real estate, I encourage you to slow down and think things through.  Consider what is important to you. Consider the people you want to surround yourself with. Think carefully about your ultimate objectives. Lastly, “shop local” should apply to your choice of real estate agent just as it informs your purchases. The best Agent will offer community insight, market trends, pricing strategy and best market timing, and these insights are purely “local.” At IPJRE, your agents are full time professionals, full-time residents, and totally dedicated to serving your needs.  ~Amey Ryan

Sarah says: Timing is everything in Real Estate - Sellers, this is your time!

They say timing is everything; for sellers, now is the time! If you have been thinking of selling, take advantage of the many buyers who are now in the market for a new home. Recent events are bringing more buyers than ever to Vermont. Plenty of buyers does not necessarily mean a sale is inevitable - you still want your property to show at its very best. Take the time you need to make a great first impression. Talk with your agent about staging the home, as well as how to price it appropriately within today’s market to maximize your investment. With the low levels of inventory, you will be in a good position for success!  ~Sarah Peluso

Courtney informs on the rapid decline in residential inventory.

Similar to the post 9/11 market, we are seeing a lot of buyers looking to purchase property where they have a little elbow room and the ability to be more self-sustaining. Our residential inventory was already low in 2019 - in 2020, it has proven to be even lower and inventory continues to decline. As of today there are 123 single family homes on the market in Addison County - for perspective, in 2008 we had 400+. Interest rates are likely the lowest we’ll ever see and the options are seemingly endless. COVID-19 is clearly driving buyers to the more rural markets, like our own.  While this can be great news for sellers, buyers may find the home search a bit frantic. ~Courtney DeBisschop

Beth tells us that efficiency is key for buyers in this market.

Since the market is moving so quickly right now, you really need an agent who can get you into the best position possible. That means a local agent who knows the market well. Right now, appropriately priced houses that go on the market are under contract in a few days which means that having an effective and efficient strategy is important. For example buyers need to be ready with a PreQual letter from a bank, have flexibility in viewing times, and check the IPJRE website for new listings daily. It’s also important to keep your credit score healthy (so don’t buy that boat just yet!). Despite the patience you’ve developed during these COVID-19  times, now is the time to dive in with the most qualified Agent you can find.   ~Beth Stanway

The summary? Let local agents inform you in this sellers market, and buyer efficiency means everything with a shrunken inventory. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, the team at IPJ Real Estate will help you jump in, informed!

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